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Carsharing will increase the second-hand market

Dec 19, 2019 9:13:47 AM / by eccocar

We told you! The increase carsharing´s services has caused the streets to overflow sustainability across all their pores, especially the proliferation of electric vehicles. They will be used by airlines that are committed to new mobility concepts. Therefore, they will end up swelling the supply of used cars, thus contributing to their massification in large cities. The second-hand market will not be oblivious to the new alternatives!

What is the relationship between carsharing and the second-hand market?

Undoubtedly, it´s a pastime to walk along the street and to identify the brand and model of all the cars that circulate on the road. However, we could now list vehicles from company fleets. And it´s that their services have become a phenomenon, having a considerable impact on the mobility of large cities. In this way, they compete directly with options such as public transport, taxis, their own car ... The one who doesn´t move is because he doesn´t want to. That´s what is clear right now!

Since the appearance of electric cars in Madrid in 2015, we can count on a total of 1,600 vehicles with these characteristics that can be rented. However, the calculations of the sector predict that each model will endure three years in circulation, which generates an important business around the second-hand market.

One of the main objectives of private cars is to optimize the use of the vehicle. Based on current data, cars destined for these services are used six times more than the traditional alternative. Therefore, they are fulfilling their goals perfectly.

Nevertheless, all the hustle that these vehicles suffer results in the majority of the models being removed in an approximate period of three years. Once the car stops moving on rental mobility, it will be introduced to the market for private consumers. Of course, with a lower cost than a new vehicle of the same characteristics. Therefore, the second-hand market will feature green and practically new cars!

There is no doubt, electric cars are here to stay strong. At first, we can enjoy them within the services of carsharing. Once its useful life is over, you can opt to buy this model at a cheaper price. A mobility more environmentally friendly is possible!


Written by eccocar