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Electric cars improve your safety

Jan 16, 2020 9:19:42 AM / by eccocar

Regardless of the model, one of the things that every vehicle have to guarantee is safety for the driver and his passengers. Nowadays, we can see how the use of electric cars has increased considerably since they took to the road about six years ago. However, the emergence of this new alternative has also raised the odd issue regarding its safety. Discover what are the protection advantages offered by these designs!

Why do electric cars provide more security?

Real risk of battery fires. Advertising is very misleading and unfair, especially when representing electric cars. Almost a decade ago, a series of fires caused by hybrid vehicles made such models a bad name. However, anyone who thinks this is facing a wrong idea.

Lithium is the preferred metal for the creation of almost all modern portable electronic devices and it has a melting point like all metals. So, if the temperature of a cell manages to reach a certain level, the battery would destabilize and discharge quickly. However, it is a phenomenon associated by laptops, laptops or tablets.

In any case, it should be noted that these vehicles currently have a series of solutions that reduce the risk of unwanted incidents:

Advanced battery management systems, responsible for monitoring the activity of each cell and transmitting information to a CPU, which is capable of cooling the system.

The battery packs have been designed to resist damage during collisions and punctures.

The cells are segmented by firewalls. So, there is no risk of suffering a fire.

Reports of fires in electric cars suggest that those affected by this accident have been minimal and less and less recurrent since their entry into the market in 2010.

Security is the house seal. Most electric cars not only meet safety requirements, but outperform the main gasoline models in their class. In part, this is due to the manufacturers' initiative to include more standard accessories as a way to make these designs more attractive.

Heavier. Due to their battery packs, electric cars have a greater weight compared to conventional vehicles. In case of an accident, it is an advantage because the biggest affected will be the car that weighs less.

Obviously, driving an electric car is the best defense against the most common accidents. Not only will you prevent your health and that of those who travel with you, but you will help to keep the environment healthy.

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Written by eccocar