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How to increase your income with a corporate carsharing software?

Sep 2, 2019 7:53:45 AM / by eccocar

Getting more income in a company is always a good option to bet on. We propose the idea of ​​being able to earn more with the help of your fleet of cars, at the same time that you offer a better service to your employees. To achieve this you must rely on the new carsharing software. Keep reading this post and we will show you all the benefits you can get with your incorporation!

Get more benefits in your company with carsharing

In previous posts we have discussed the benefits that companies get by including this type of software in their fleet of vehicles. However, now we are going to explain directly how you can earn more money by sharing the cars of your fleet among your employees for their 'private use'.

At first, you should think about the utility that is given to your vehicles in the workplace. As a general rule, these are only for the day. This means that during the night and on weekends they are free. They are lost hours that could be exploited. Therefore, this time could be used for your employees to use these cars.

Your workers will be able to use the vehicles for their private needs. In that way, you will provide a very attractive service to your employees, which can also offer benefits to the company.

This idea will consist in that the workers will be able to reserve the cars the time that they need it during this free time. Likewise they would not have to have a private car of their own. With this service they could cover their needs as if they had their own car. In addition, they can change their vehicle and choose the one that most interests them from the entire fleet available.

The procedure will be just as simple to use when it is reserved for professional use. This will be done through the same application in another section. The company will be responsible for determining the availability of each vehicle and may also establish the type of reservation that may be made and prices.

Another option is to provide this service to employees for free. This proposal also implies benefits, but not in such a tangible way. It would be possible to provide a service to the employees for which they would be happier and satisfied with the company. These services will give excellent results. In addition, these would be a great tool to get good external communication.

Get much more income in your company taking advantage of your fleet of vehicles. You will take advantage of the life of your cars in a simple and fast way, without having to install another type of application. Raise this idea within your company and consider if it could be profitable for your company. If you bet on her, your income will increase!

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