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The main challenges of shared mobility

May 28, 2019 8:22:22 AM / by eccocar

To share a car and a trip between different people is becoming something more usual. Our way of moving around cities is changing and the future is glimpsed full of new and new concepts of shared mobility that we will face. Now it´s time to front facing the main challenges of this alternative. Don´t you move and keep reading!

What is the main challenge of shared mobility?

You just have to look out the window to discover it. Our world is becoming more urban and green is scarce. In fact, data from the World Economic Forum predict that 60% of the world's population will live in cities in little more than a decade.

For this reason, it´s a very important question to know how will be the way to move in these quickly and efficiently urban centers. Obviously, keeping low levels of emissions to take care the planet. Here is the first great challenge of shared mobility. We currently find three booming terms beyond the owned cars and urban transport:

  • As you should know, in general rules it´s a mode in which different users use the same vehicle paying only for the time you need.
  • As if it were a taxi, we are dealing with a modality in which you pay for a trip in a vehicle with a driver.
  • Individually, a specific driver decides to share his car to make a longer route and reduce the costs of it. It´s also known as carpooling.

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Recent studies say that more than 40% of drivers have heard about this type of concept as an alternative to urban transport in front of the owned car. Clearly, they contemplate the next main advantages:

  • Collaborative consumption between drivers and users. This type of services are cheaper than using a taxi and slightly more expensive than public transport. Therefore, they become an ideal option to travel within cities.
  • Easier parking.
  • The ecological plus. By reducing the use of vehicles on the road, you send less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Although these are just some of the shared modality´s advantages, there are many challenges to face in the future. Obviously, to this whole context we must add the factor of the new generations. For example, the case of millennials is very significant. This generation moves differently through the cities. However, part of this group has returned to a lifestyle and mobility more similar to that of previous generations due to the years of economic crisis and precarious jobs.

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