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What does mobility on demand mean for the automovite industry?

Jul 26, 2019 7:29:44 AM / by eccocar

Nowadays, there is a very generalized view about the automotive industry. This appears in relation to a gradual change of the individual ownership of the vehicle towards new concepts of shared mobility, such as mobility on demand. Undoubtedly, this will give some headaches in the sector, although an opportunity is born to create a new transport concept specially designed to share among several users. Welcome to a new era!

What are the challenges and opportunities of the modality on demand?

It´s impossible to deny it! Mobility on demand is a fashionable concept which manufacturers know. Therefore, they shouldn´t miss the opportunity to start designing a new stage for the car. A new stage with electric vehicles designed especially for the demand of mobility solutions. These professionals can establish the foundations and gain a valuable experience for the future, where the vehicles will be totally autonomous.

This approach is a radical change to the traditional production´s focus that manufacturers have always followed. It´s necessary to go from improving the driver's experience to focus more on the profile of the passengers. What does this mean? Vehicles with a flexible design´s creation. Interiors must be adapted to different use cases. At the same time, they will show interest in durability and the ability to offer additional services.

In that way, the users will value a "quality time" during the trips and will demand the possibility of requesting a vehicle whose interior, design and facilities are adapted to their needs. At the same time, these types of fleets created specifically to be shared will give manufacturers the opportunity to reduce costs when launching models on the market thanks to their shorter duration of development and complexity.

Another advantage of these cars is related to the management of their durability, as they are shorter life products and whose modular nature makes it easy to partially replace them. You can´t let the train pass! The change of the vehicle´s individual ownership towards other mobility concepts is unstoppable. Even so, we are talking about a process that will develop gradually.

As you can see, the volume of this niche market is an opportunity that manufacturers and suppliers shouldn´t miss. They won´t only position themselves, they will anticipate the future to obtain a participation. In fact, they will already know what to do, what their passengers are looking for and what kind of services they demand and prefer during the journeys. The change is near!

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Written by eccocar