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Tips for efficient driving as a carsharing user

Sep 27, 2019 8:52:59 AM / by eccocar

It´s true that the carsharing mode is growing step by step and it´s already considered an alternative to the conventional mobility form. However, there are many users who still make common mistakes when sharing vehicles. In this post we are going to talk about the most recurrent faults and what you have to do to avoid them. Keep reading and follow our advices!

What mistakes should you prevent to carry out a good carsharing service

The proliferation of the famous carsharing platforms has not only offered facilities within the driving sector. They also help to care for the environment. It has also led to a series of aspects that any user must take into account and avoid when supplying these services. You can find among the most outstanding:

Dont check the terms and conditions of the service when registering in the app. Obviously, the first thing you would have to do once you sign up for the application is to study with magnifying glass all the possibilities offered by this modality of shared transport. Sometimes there may be clauses that you won´t contemplate. For these reason, It´s better not to be surprised.

Forget about confirming the state of the vehicle. If the car that you have rented has any damage, the best thing you can do is to notify the company as soon as posible. In that way, you will save any subsequent claims. A good idea to analyze its situation is to take pictures before starting it and at the end of the journey.

To avoid responsibilities. This point is closely linked with the previous one and it´s the most recurrent. It´s not the first time that a company attributes any of the car´s damages to an user. Therefore, we emphasize again the importance of taking photographs before starting and leaving the vehicle. Otherwise, you have committed any damage, it is logical that you take care of the damages and do not evade your responsibility.

Dont monitor extra charges. You will find companies in the market that charge users extra expenses due to different situations. Among the most common cases we can highlight that the vehicle has a low battery or needs cleaning. Of course, they must face the payments. Stay tuned for all this kind of extras!

Assessment of the experience. Obviously, an user has the right to claim if any of the services they have contracted have not been fulfilled. It may be due to an insurance, hygiene or infraction problem. In any case, it´s important to base the claim to the fullest and show evidence of it.

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