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How vehicle data and carsharing can be used to cut costs

Mar 4, 2020 9:22:08 AM / by eccocar

You may find it a bit distant, but you should know that one in three kilometers will be conducted under an exchange scheme in 2030. Without a doubt, shared mobility is changing the approach of owning a private car. Therefore, individual property will be commercialized for greater and more efficient access to vehicles or services. Companies have seen their potential to analyze what carsharing can offer and how they can use the data to cut costs. Discover more with Eccocar!

Why opt for shared cars?

It´s true that owning a car before was a symbol of freedom, nowadays it´s congestion. It´s not something that only thinks Eccocar because many drivers agree with that. Congestion is the result of inefficiency, thus shared mobility has been born to correct this problem.

While an own car has a utilization rate of around 5%, the shared cars are focused on time optimization. Using inactive vehicles, less of these will be needed on the road.

Shared cars on the rise

Increasing optimization is a common interest in any company. It´s normal, because the efficient use of cars helps cut costs.

When designing how workers have access to vehicles equipped with the right tools, companies must remain at the forefront of mobility trends and be prepared for the continuous changes in the industry.

Transparency is key in shared cars

Data and information are the main impulses of any car-sharing service. Even before an exchange platform begins, this data is used to know which markets are ready to implement them.

B2C companies focused on shared mobility use information such as the number of cars in a house, favorite means of transport, travel distance and other elements to assess opportunities.

This data is the reason why sharing platforms can succeed better in the market. This mainly affects companies dedicated to fleet management. Good software collects information such as: where are cars typically parked when not driving? How long are the trips? Where do drivers typically begin and end their trips?...

The car sharing trend is likely to grow alongside the rise of electric vehicles, self-driving cars, and similar next-generation changes to the fleet management industry. Implementing an effective telematics scheme can help companies transition their fleets and find the places where new programs can be started.

In Eccocar, we are very aware of these changes in mobility, which is why we offer services to companies, communities and users interested in sustainable mobility. Discover our shared mobility platform!

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