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What is the impact of shared mobility on the environment?

Jun 25, 2019 8:04:52 AM / by eccocar

Who was the visionary who said that sharing a car has no benefits? Obviously, this person will be under stones because carsharing is gaining more and more followers in our country. It has many benefits, but there is something really interesting for the environment. This new modality is capable of reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by up to 20%. Keep reading and discover how to improve your planet without having to leave the car!

What is carsharing?

You are very disconnected from the world if you haven´t heard about it, because it´s becoming a revolution for the market. This model consists of a fleet´s existence of vehicles distributed throughout the city. This service will allow you to rent any vehicle for a limited time.

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After prior registration in a Company, you as an user will locate the vehicle closest to your position thanks to your Smartphone. Then, you will reserve it for a period of time. Once you access it, you can use it.

When you have reached your destination, you will park it in any available place. Then, you will notify through an app where you have done it and you will leave it free for any other user.

The data corroborates its benefits to the environment

The Earth is in luck. In Spain, the memories of large companies based on this business model have been collecting really interesting data for the protection of the environment over the years. In all of them, it´s reflected that the emission of CO2 has been reduced considerably thanks to this type of services. In 2013, it was calculated that each user of shared vehicles reached 0.24 tons of this element, when in cities like Madrid the average emission stood at 4.6. Cool!

In other words, the carsharing practice resulted in the capital's sky receiving 4.36 tons of polluting gases less per person. Clearly, these benefits have caused an increase in the demand for this kind of services over the years.

According to studies by international organizations, 20 cars disappear from the city thanks to every shared car. What a progress! However, another great advantage directly affects your wallet, because an user who buys his private vehicle can spend around 473 euros per month. On the other hand, the driver who shares space spends up to 200 less. Take care of your planet and get benefits at the same time!

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