eccocar4business is a corporate Car Sharing solution, that allows employees to reserve, manage and access the company vehicles with an App 

Why working with us?


Do you know the real usage of your fleet?

With our technology, you could access all the generated data from your fleet in realtime and know the real usage done by your employees. You will have more control over possible issues or traffic fines, and an exact cost of cost per kilometer, allowing you to plan peaks of demand in a more efficient way

Are you getting the most out of your fleet?

With our Car Sharing solution for companies, you could reduce your fleet and increase the level of service. The reservation management system, you will decrease the idle time and will increase the number of employees with access to the fleet, reducing taxi costs and payment per km per employee. Moreover, you will be able to user the vehicles with better fuel consumption at any given time, and through driving efficiency programs for each employee, reduce the consumption and emissions


Are you ready for sustainable mobility?

EVs are here, together with the access restrictions in city centres, it is clear we are facing a change in urban mobility. From eccocar, we'd like to accompany  you in this transition towards a sustainable mobility, analysing the mobility patterns of your vehicles and generating periodic reports with recommendations on which vehicles can become EVs

Our solution



The admin panel allows you to manage and explore all data real time, getting the most out of your fleet and generate mobility reports a click away



We generate a platform with your preferences and your corporate image



User registration with video identification

Customisable layout

Logo and corporate colours

Customised product

No problem! We have a wide range of services that we can offer you, and if this is still not enough, we will propose new customized solutions for you.


It's not us, it's them who say it

"eccocar solution allows us to efficiently and digitally manage our fleet of vehicles, as it adds Car Sharing and Telematics functionality to our fleet. Thanks to it we can optimize the use of vehicles that make more trips and provide service to more employees; resize our fleet, reduce emissions and costs and know at all times the availability, mileage, autonomy and the state of charge of our 100% electric vehicles. "


Pablo Samaura

Fleet Manager


"In COFARES, in order to get closer to the change in sustainable means of transport that is intended to be implemented, we participate in new ways of shared mobility with electric vehicles that have recently been incorporated into our Fleet. Through the eccocar APP, we managed to have a Car Sharing system that allows employees to easily access the vehicle with their mobile phones and to know in real time both the availability and the autonomy of the vehicle they are going to reserve, in this way we have achieved our goal. "


Bárbara Arévalo

Fleet Manager