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eccocar4communities is a Car Sharing solution for communities and neighbourhoods, thought to improve the access to the center of the cities and reduce the costs associated with having a second car parked most of the time

Why working with eccocar?

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Do you have a car parked most of the time?

eccocar's technology allows you and your community to have a pack of EVs, which will be only used by the neighbours of the community. In this way, it won't be necessary having a second car. For specific small trips like going shopping or picking up somebody, you could use one of the EVs for a fraction of the price compare to having the second unused car

Is it complicated to get to the center?

It is getting harder and harder to access the center of the cities with the car. However, in some cases, we have no other choice. Having a pack of shared EVs within the neighbourhood, these could be used to get to the center and park with no restrictions in the center of the city

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Pollution is making cities less inhabitables. This is the reason why more people jump on the zero emission revolution that the EVs offer. We know that getting an EVs as individual could be a hard decision, but in eccocar we encourage you and your community to discover the benefits of the Car Sharing with EVs, contributing to the improvement of the environment in a very simple way

Our solution


We generate a customised platform with your preferences and the name of your community 



User registration with video identification

Customisable layout

Logo and custom colours

Customised product

No problem! We have a wide range of services that we can offer you, and if this is still not enough, we will propose new customized solutions for you.