eccocar4dealers is a Car Sharing solution for car dealerships, which allows their clients reserve, manage and access the courtesy cars with an App. Without queues, papers, and all after few clicks

Why working with eccocar?


Would you like to add Car Sharing to your offer?

Get your car dealership ready for new business models to come. Models such as flexible renting and Car Sharing are more and more demanded in cities

Would you improve the experience of your clients if the courtesy cars were available 24/7? 

Among other advantages, our technology will allow you to improve the customer experience and the brand image. The waiting time for the customers will be reduced, allowing them to chose their courtesy car from their smartphones. All of it without waiting in queues nor dealing with paperwork. This will allow them to perceive a modern, cutting-edge brand, helping you to increase their loyalty


Do you know that you could be saving costs? 

Improve the efficiency of your processes. Reduce the time needed to manage the reservations and contracts. Reduce paper consumption and storage space. Improve the key management. These are some of the advantages that our technology can offer you from day one in order to improve your efficiency

Our solution


We generate a platform with your preferences and your corporate image




User registration with video identification

Customisable layout

Logo and corporate colours

Customised product

No problem! We have a wide range of services that we can offer you, and if this is still not enough, we will propose new customized solutions for you.


Shall we work together?

If you are interested in offering a Car Sharing solution, we can help you.

In eccocar we are open to collaborate as partners to improve the offer of your car dealership with non additional cost. We'll be there when you need us. 

It's not us, it's them who say it

"PROA is committed to electric and shared mobility. In eccocar, we have found not only a supplier, but a technological partner that accompanies us closely throughout the process, from design to operation. "


Ricard Puiggros

Mobility expert