eccocar4rentals is a Car Sharing solution for rent-a-cars, that allows the end user to reserve, manage and access the rented vehicles with a mobile App. No queues, no papers, with only few clicks

Why working with eccocar?


Would you like to offer service 24/7?

eccocar's technology allows your clients to rent a car at any time, in any place and in a totally safe way. The customer could extend the duration of the rental, being the vehicles controlled and localised in real time. We provide you with a white label App that allows managing the rentals with reservations, payments and vehicle damage control 

Are you offering the best experience for your clients? 

Connecting your cars, you will allow your customers to have a more comfortable and faster experience. It removes the need of waiting in queue, fulfilled and sign forms and having a limited time to access to the vehicle. All this will allow you to get ahead of the competition and improve customer satisfaction and retention.


Do you know you could be saving costs?

Having a rental done digitally, all data is saved and will be available in real time in your admin panel. In this way, you'll reduce management time and the cost implied, being able to invest the time and money in making your business go further

Our solution



The admin panel allows you to manage and explore all data real time, getting the most out of your fleet and generate mobility reports a click away


We generate a platform with your preferences and your corporate image



User registration with video identification

Customisable layout

Logo and corporate colours

Customised product

No problem! We have a wide range of services that we can offer you, and if this is still not enough, we will propose new customized solutions for you.


It's not us, it's them who say it

"PROA is committed to electric and shared mobility. In eccocar, we have found not only a supplier, but a technological partner that accompanies us closely throughout the process, from design to operation. "


Ricard Puiggros

Mobility expert