Shared Mobility Solutions
for Dealerships

Put your assets to work for you with cutting edge sharing technology

Join the mobility revolution  monetizing your assets

Offer your loaner cars, test drives and rent out your piling stock in a digital way, monetising and increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Become a Mobility Operator

Short test drives, reservations per minute, hour, day and even months, all from the same interface.


A more dynamic work environment is changing the way we need cars, with flexibility being very important for the selection of a car. Offer subscription based cars for few months to a couple of years.


Leverage your dealership assets, and use them as the base for self-service round trip rentals that your current customers and future new customers will benefit from.


Jump into new mobility services with the freefloating service, building a new customer base using your dealer brand or a new one. Define your operating area and let your customers rent by the minute, hour or day.

Manage your network of dealers

All your dealerships under a single organization.


Your vehicles may be in suborganizations to follow the dealership network structure of your group, and thus be able to understand the use of the fleet made by each dealership.

With the display group functionality you choose which user has access to which vehicle.


We have the platform with most OEM APIs integrated. Connect your vehicles and monetize, without installation. Ask us about your brands and let’s enable digital access to your vehicles in no time.

Metrics Towards Efficiency

Benefit from real-time generated data and
take your business to the next level.


Receive customizable alerts.

You define what is important. You define how you want to be notified.


Detailed reports on the usage of your service that will support you in optimizing operational efficiency.

Think Digital

Change the way you interact with your clients
by allowing them to digitally book and access vehicles.


Customers can carry out the biometric registration process by real-time uploads of their documents: ID card, driving license and passport.


Improves transparency and accountability in real-time.


Ability to see the vehicles or groups available on the selected dates and make a reservation.


Ability to unlock and lock the vehicle as well as unblock the engine.


Through the App, customers can make the reservation payment.

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