Are Ecological Fleets the mobility´s future?

Sustainable mobility is what your business needs

April 28, 2023

Nowadays, two of the most important concerns within any company are reducing costs and focusing on sustainability. The increase in the price of fuel and the enforcement of stricter environmental regulations are aspects that pose some unknowns in many companies such as fleet management solutions. For this reason, at Eccocar we want to talk to you about ecological fleets. They are anundoubted commitment to the future of mobility. Find out more on the subject below!

Sustainable mobility is what your business needs

You can always do something to fuel sustainability values regardless of the sectorin which you carry out your work activity. Above all, these values ​​will considerably reduce the number of polluting emissions when working with vehicles. For this reason, we believe that abusiness's commitment to an ecological fleet is one of the most interesting and profitable options that a company can carry out today.

What is the solution offered by Eccocar?

From Eccocar we carry out an audit of your company's fleet to assess which services are best for you based on their needs. Once we carry out this step, we will connect your vehicles to our platform thanks to our ecconnect® system. Providing mobility data and accessing the information they contain.

All users who have the necessary licenses to access will be able to use the vehicles once your fleet has been connected. It's as simple as that you will contribute your grain of sand to a more sustainable mobility!

What benefits does the management of your fleet bring you?

Full visibility on the activity carried out by the vehicles. Our technology will allow you to know in detail the location of the units at all times as well as their route. Some parameters that will help you to know what the quality of the service is like.

Cost reduction. Optimizing routes and monitoring driving styles will save you an interesting amount of fuel and even maintenance. In addition, you can also control the unauthorized use of your vehicles.

On the other hand, you can manage more appropriately the maintenance tasks that must be carried out in each unit by having detailed visibility of the entire fleet operations. In that way, you will provide more security to users, avoiding accidents, excessive consumption or times without service.

Without a doubt, companies investing in green fleets are taking a step forward and looking to the future with a level of responsibility and courage that consumers and users will not overlook. The increase in this trend is assured due to its undeniable benefits and its complicity with the sustainable economy, and at Eccocar we do not want you to miss it!

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