Why do workers prefer a company car?

Why does a company decide to add cars for its employees?

April 28, 2023

More and more companies are offering a corporate car to their workers so that they can carry out their professional tasks or simply as part of the remuneration they receive. However, what do employees think about it? If you are thinking of adding a fleet of vehicles to your business, you are in the right post. Discover with Eccocar the advantages of this alternative and what is the opinion of the workers!

Why does a company decide to add cars for its employees?

As its name suggests, this type of vehicle is about those that have been purchased by the business or brand, even if the employees are the ones who will use them. And what do you think this could be due to? As a general rule, there are three reasons:

Employees require daily commuting in order to carry out their tasks, such as acommercial. For this reason, the company decides to offer you a car in which to cover the costs of mileage, maintenance, breakdowns...

The company decides to spend part of its remuneration on this car, instead of paying more money every month.

Both the worker and the company will benefit from the tax advantages of a corporate car.

The company is committed to the environment and ecological driving, using a fleet of vehicles so that its different employees can travel during the working dayin a shared manner.

The opinion of workers about the company car

One of the main reasons why a worker prefers the use of the company car over his own is the possibility of giving it a particular use. Of course, do not think that all businesses allow it. This usually occurs especially in large corporations.

On the other hand, the implementation of this alternative also involves considerable economic savings. The employee will not have to buy a car, take out insurance, or assume the costs of maintenance and fuel.

Do you think they are good reasons for a worker to bet on a company car? This does not end here.

Although it is not so important, another of the advantages that raise the spirits of the workers is the fact of having a new car every few years. This is because businesses carry out renting contracts that allow them to renew their fleet of vehicles every 3 or 5 years.

As you can see, this alternative only has benefits for both of you. Contact us if you are rethinking having a fleet of vehicles. At Eccocar we have sustainable and connected mobility services that you cannot miss!

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